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"I grew up reading Dork Diaries and Dior's Discovery is differently a new favorite in my book collection! Me and my friends can totally relate this character, school peer pressure and parent who just don't understand. This was a really good book!"


Chloe is really enjoying this book! She's still reading Secret Weapon, but we can't wait to get Book#2!

Chole's Mom

"Dior's Discovery is such an inspiring read for young girls today. I tell my students all the time, life is about more than these boys and social media. Get into your books. Now, more than ever, our voices as females are being heard. You have purpose. Stay focused, and have faith. Congratulations again, Mrs. Redding! Powerful message on purpose!"

Ms. Owens

My 10 yrs-old niece loves this character! She said that the main character, Dior Dawson is crazy curious with a side of sassy, just like her.

Brianna's Aunt

"Me and my sister love this book because Dior is funny and cool. Thank you for making a book with characters that look like me! "

Amber & Nyla

"This book is dope! I can definitely relate to a lot of her struggles, and the way she used her faith to over her obstacles."


"I read this book with my 8-year old daughter, page by page. I love the sassy and sweet character of Dior. This is a great book for young girls and even women to read. We all need to show a little extra grit to overcome our individual obstacles in life."


"This book was good. Dior was always getting into trouble but I really like how she handles all of her problems."


"I order a bunch of these books because representation matters. I love the message behind this brand! I will absolutely be ordering more!"

R. Hamlin